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Seawatch Wavescan Buoy


The Seawatch Wavescan Buoy is suited for collection and measurement of oceanographic, meteorological and water quality data. Its applications include harbor monitoring, scientific studies, wave energy studies, water quality control studies and maritime traffic control - all applications can be done in MPAs.

The low-down: The Wavescan is suitable for deep offshore and remote locations and can withstand strong currents. It comes equipped with wells for subsea sensor mounting, which allows for easy access to service and maintenance for the buoy. With its ability to remain reliable in extreme temperatures, this buoy can operate effectively in a variety of environments.

Data dump: The buoy provides real-time data and two-way communications – via satellite or radio – for data transfer.

Power-up: The Wavescan comes fully loaded with maintenance-free solar panels as well as backup batteries. This enables the buoy to serve unattended, long-term operations.


Height: 5.6 meters
Diameter: 2.8 meters
Weight: 924 kilograms
Battery: Solar
Memory: 512 MB

The Wavescan buoys have been provided to both private and public clients in Europe, U.S., South America, Middle East, Asia and Australia.
  • Company: Fugro OCEANOR

  • Type: Buoys

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