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Siren Pixie Remote Boat Monitoring Devices


Siren Marine offers remote boat monitoring solutions that provides geofence tracking, location data, bilge water level, battery level and temperature. Its compact and waterproof housing protects the device and makes it an ideal multi-functional addition to most vessels.

Keep track: GPS with geofencing feature displays the vessel's precise course, longitude, latitude and position on Google Maps, sending automatic alerts anytime the vessel moves outside the authorized geofenced area. Siren Marine offers additional accessories and features, allowing the user to customize the product according to specific needs.

Now featuring: Siren Marine offers a long list of system features, including battery monitoring, high water alarm, track position and geofencing, entry alert, temperature monitoring, remote accessory control, remote anchor drag alarm, text messaging/iPhone application and many more.


Dimensions: 101 x 635 x 22 millimeters
Operating Temperatures: -15.5° to 62°C

  • Company: Siren Marine

  • Type: Onboard Tracking & Geofencing Technology

  • Direct Cost: $499-$699 + choice of service plan subscription

  • Indirect Cost: Text enabled cell phones; optional upgrades and features.

  • Link: Product Website

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