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Sky Star 100


The Skystar 100 is a mini aerostat system that is ideal for close surveillance and reconnaissance missions. This mini balloon provides real-time, over-the-hill reconnaissance capability. This little guy is compact yet robust and can be transported, assembled, launched and operated by two people after minimal training.

For convenience’s sake: The system comes equipped with an electro optical payload, or sensors that can detect light in many different spectra, allowing the craft to “see.” This feature enables the aerostat to operate day and night. This mini craft can be transported in a variety of ways given its small size – even in your favorite backpack is an option!

Speed demon: For added convenience, the Skystar 100 can be assembled and launched in 15 minutes.

Stay in control: The Personal Control Station (PSC) is a handheld unit that allows the user to control the payload. It can be worn over a protective vest or be mounted on a tripod. For those new to the technology world, this PSC has a user-friendly interface and real-time control hardware. To get the full picture, map and video are displayed simultaneously on the screen. The PCS includes a Digital Video Recorder for recording video and data throughout the entire mission.


Aerostat Diameter: 3.6 meters
Operating Altitude: Up to 304.8 meters
Wind Limit: 40 knots
Surveillance Range: 1000 meters
Payload Weight: up to 3.5 kilograms
PCS Weight: 2.5 kilograms
Endurance: Up to 6 hours
Assembly and Launch Time: 15-20 minutes


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