Courtesy of Allsopp Helikites Ltd.

Skyhook Helikite


Known as the workhorses of Helikite aerostats, Skyhook Helikites are designed to lift a considerable payload at higher altitudes in comparison to other aerostats similar in size. For an extra cost, customers have the option to have their Skyhook Helikite customized to meet operational needs and requirements.

Heavy lifting: In order to figure out just how much these guys can lift, a general rule of thumb is that the Skyhook Helikite can carry about a kilogram of payload for every two cubic meters of helium capacity. This is something to take into consideration when deciding what size model is best for operational needs.

Key features: These Helikites come in a rounded balloon shape, which allows for optimal lifting capabilities in relation to helium capacity. This also means that expansion and contraction of the craft is easier to execute. This Helikite performs well in windy situations and only needs two people to operate.

Watch out for the big guy: Allsopp recently released the 64m3 Skyhook Helikite aerostat for radio-relay communications at Elgin Air Force Base in the Gulf of Mexico. Being the biggest and the baddest of the bunch, this Helikite soars 1524m above sea level, comes equipped with a 30kg payload and can withstand winds up to 60mph. If you’re in the market for big and tough, this might be your man.


Volume: 1 cubic meter
Length: 1.5 meter
Width: 1 meter
Lift: 0.2 kilograms (with no wind) to 2 kilograms (with 24 kph wind)
Wind Speed: 45 kilometers per hour
Max Altitude without Payload: 607 meters

United Kingdom, Antarctica, New Zealand and the United States.
  • Company: Allsopp Helikites Limited

  • Type: Aerostats

  • Direct Cost: UK£400/Helikite

  • Indirect Cost: Payload equipment

  • Link: Product Website

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