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SkyMate 1500 VMS Package


The SkyMate Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) 1500 Package is intended for commercial fisherman and meets NOAA tracking requirements.

Now featuring: SkyMate offers an affordable VMS system with robust options for any and all data you may need on a maritime adventure. This includes information on sea surface temperatures, weather forecasts, fish prices, regular email access and other services that make life at sea easier. Certain features, such as vessel position, are automatically sent to NOAA and anyone else the user specifies. These reports are sent via email and include easy-to-read charts. The weather report includes radar images and 24-hour NOAA charts. Users can also receive text forecasts and seven-day projections with wave height, wind speed and direction and buoy reports.

Globe trotter: This VMS system has been approved across all regions, allowing users to meet standards at a global reach.


Hourly reporting:
• 24 reports per day
• 14,400 characters per month

Half-hour reporting:
• 48 reports per day
• 28,800 characters per month

  • Company: SkyMate

  • Type: Vessel Monitoring System

  • Direct Cost: $149 activation fee; Data packages range from $40-$75 a month.

  • Indirect Cost: Additional data and characters.

  • Link: Product Website

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