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SM3M Deep Water


The SM3M Deep Water is an underwater sound storage device that can be equipped with hydrophones to record a wide variety of sounds at extreme depths. It is designed for long-term deployments in extreme off-shore environments.

Multi-role assignments: The SM3M Deep Water can be programmed for different recording objectives on the same hydrophone or two hydrophones using a two-channel input.

Save time and money: The device can be serviced and redeployed ship side. It can be anchored and recovered via tether or diver.

Long-term relationship: The SM3M Deep Water can be deployed for weeks of months at a time using a recording schedule or duty cycle that program it to turn on and off according to the noises in the environment. Sleep mode offers the ability to reduce power consumption.

Custom fit: The SM3M Deep Water can be customized to meet different operational goals through, for example, choosing from a variety of hydrophones (low-noise, ultrasonic etc) and enhanced storage options to accommodate specific levels of acoustic data.


Operating Depth: 800 m
Frequency Range: 2Hz to 192kHz
Storage capacity: 2 terabytes

  • Company: Wildlife Acoustics

  • Type: Acoustic Monitoring

  • Direct Cost: $10,499.00

  • Indirect Cost: Hydrophones; storage and power options; analysis software

  • Link: Product Website

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