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Song Meter SM3M Submersible


Wildlife Acoustics’ Song Meter SM3M Submersible is a dual-purpose bioacoustics and ambient noise recorder designed to record sounds from hydrophones that are placed at depths down to 150 meters for months on end.

Multi-tasking: The Song Meter SM3M Submersible has various features that allow it to simultaneously optimize for different recording needs - track those whale songs while also listening for illegal fishing activities - and store it on this device which has a storage capacity of over two terabytes.

Any way you want it: the Song Meter SM3M Submersible can be configured with a range of hydrophones. Off-the-shelf options include the standard acoustic hydrophone, an ultrasonic hydrophone, low-noise hydrophone or a high SPL, dual hydrophone option. If those don’t fit your needs, special cabled hydrophones are available for order as well.


Depth: 150 meters
Storage: SDHC and SDXC cards

  • Company: Wildlife Acoustices

  • Type: Acoustic Monitoring

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  • Link: Product Website

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