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Sony Alpha a6000


Capture the images and video you need with this camera, which includes a hybrid-focus feature that allows for enhanced autofocus and highly accurate movement tracking for both photos and videos.

Protect those MPAs: Cameras such as the Sony Alpha a6000 can be installed on a variety or platforms, such as drones, in order to facilitate monitoring and surveillance of MPAs. Install them on a drone to capture video footage while flying overhead or on an aerostat for longer-term, persistent surveillance missions.

Dimensional focus: The camera has a 4D focus, which includes: wide autofocus coverage (height and width), fast autofocus speed (depth) and enhanced predictive tracking (time).

Speed demon: Compared to earlier models, this version has three times the processing speed, allowing the camera to capture textures, reduce blur and suppress visual noises for both image and video capturing. The camera is smaller and lighter than many of its DSLR counterparts, and Wi-Fi and Near Field Communication connectivity allows the user to share videos and photos with compatible Android smartphones or tablets.

An added bonus: Sony camera users have free access to Capture One Express 9, an imaging application, giving the user a free range to do more with photos and videos.


Waterproof: No
Photo Capabilities: 24.3 megapixels
Video Capabilities: 1080p60, 1080p24
Battery: 360 shots

  • Company: Sony

  • Type: Camera Surveillance

  • Direct Cost: $549.99

  • Indirect Cost: Memory card, optional accessories and mounts, warranty and lenses

  • Link: Product Website

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