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Spire Sense


Spire, a Silicon Valley-based satellite company that specializes in radio frequency data from nanosatellites, runs Spire Sense. Spire Sense is a global maritime domain awareness service that combines its data with other partners to map out the ocean for anything from combatting illegal fishing to trade management.

Anywhere in the world: Spire Sense satellites operate in low orbit to capture and relay information from ships based on Automatic Information System (AIS) technology. This information can be collected no matter the location of the ship.

In the hot seat: Spire Sense is currently working with Indonesia to combat illegal fishing from neighboring China in the South China Sea. With a low revisit time (the frequency at which the satellite returns to a location), Spire satellites can detect the time and position of ships when they disable their AIS transponders.

Customized for you: Spire Sense fuses data sources in order to address contextualized needs based on what kind of information the user wants to collect - fusing, for example, AIS with weather data or space-based and land-based data providers.


Hardware: 17 satellites
Revisit Rate: Every 34 minutes
Delivery: Subscription-based, iDirect VSAT technology or SpeedCast-specific SCPC based on Comtech Vipersat platform

  • Company: Spire

  • Type: Satellite Observation

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