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Surveillance and Target Recognition Radar Network


MetaSensing developed the Surveillance and Target Recognition Radar Network for the purpose of monitoring marine and terrestrial areas such as borders or ports.

Two of a kind: The network offers two types of X-band radars: Scanning Surveillance X-band Radar SSX80 and the Non-Scanning Imaging Radar IMX10. Offering two types of radar together gives users two different abilities, the SSX80 radar is designed to perform detection and tracking out to 80 km while the IMX10 performs target characterization out to 10 km. Together, these radars create a formidable adversary for anyone hoping to escape detection and identification.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork: The network is made up of compact low cost individual nodes that can either operate as stand-alone units or they can interact to coordinate and synchronize data collection. MetaSensing works with the user to design their network.


Waveform: FMCW
Frequency: X-band
Max. range: 80 km
Operating temp.: -20 to 60 celcius
Weight: 135 kg

Waveform: FMCW
Freq.: X-band
Max. range: 10 km
Min. range: 100 m
Operating temp.: -20 to 60 C
Weight: 25kg

  • Company: MetaSensing

  • Type: Radar Technologies

  • Direct Cost:

  • Indirect Cost: Option for scanning surveillance X-band Radar SSx80 and Non-scanning X-band Imaging Radar IMX10

  • Link: Product Website

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