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The T-20 is a part of Arcturus' T-Series catapult launch UAVs and are a great option for monitoring and surveillance over MPAs and territorial waters.

Built to last: The T-20 is able to carry heavy and oversized payloads and is built for endurance. The design allows for ease of payload integration and interchangeablel payload pallets allow for easy removal, service and replacement.

Load it up: Arcturus has integrated a variety of payloads into the T-20 aircraft. All Cloud Cap Technologies 200 and 400 Series of gyro stabilized gimbal EO/IR payloads come as standard options. In addition, users have the option to integrate a variety of payload systems such as 3D mapping, SAR, LIDAR and many others.

Fuel efficient: The aircraft is powered by fuel injected Honda engines which allow for fuel efficiency and reliability.

Ready for launch: Designed for quick deployment, the T-20 is made for catapult launch from the Arcturus launch system. This launch system is easily transported and can be set up by a two-man crew in less than 10 minutes. The craft itself can be assembled in only 15 minutes by a two-man crew. Standard recovery of the craft is by belly landing and the robust airframe of the craft withstands recovery on any graded surface.

Bragging rights: The Mexican government launched T-20s on a mission to combat illegal fishing. The goal of this mission is not only to combat illegal fishing but also to save engangered species that are affected by illegal fishing.


Wing Span 17' 6"
Length 9' 5"
Engine 190cc 4 Stroke
Typical MTOW 185 lbs
Typical Max Speed 75 kts
Endurance 10-20 hours (Payload Dependent)
Payload Capacity (Fuel + Usable Payload) 75 lbs
Rated Ceiling 15,000' (Proven to 25,000')

Mexico launched three of these drones to combat IUU fishing in order to save Vaquita Marina.
  • Company: Arcturus UAV

  • Type: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

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