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Tactically Expedient Aerostat-45 (TEA-45)


The TEA-45 is a mid-sized model of SkySentry’s TEA family of aerostats. This particular model is designed for rapid response and payloads up to 20 kilograms. The craft can be operated from a trailer, inflatable tube base or a water craft and is GPS programmable.

Rain, rain (don’t) go away: The TEA-45 can withstand high winds, dust, rain and other difficult operating conditions due to its durable covering fabric. It comes equipped with a kite underneath the helium balloon, creating more lift and enabling the craft to further withstand high winds. Even more impressive, heavy rain does not decrease the lift performance of this craft.

Survivor mode: The internal gas retention envelope, surrounded by tough ULTRA nylon covering, enhances survivability in even the most difficult environments. Effects from small arms fire against the TEA-45 are minimal. The design of this craft allows for slow helium leakage if penetrated. The TEA-45 then descends and holes can be patched up in the field to be relaunched.

Keep watch: The TEA can be integrated with a variety of surveillance camera options, such as a day and night cameras, as well as with communications networks for data dissemination. The TEA-45 can be integrated with customer-specified camera packages, giving the customer the flexibility and potential cost savings. Communications options include long range WiFi networks and 4G LTE coverage.

Stay connected: The mobile ad hoc network of peer-to-peer wireless nodes provides communication coverage over a 50 km radius. This includes voice communications, texting and video streaming. The option to use SATCOM provides the network with Internet and commercial phone capabilities.


Maximum Altitude: 1000 meters
Winds: Up to 50 knots
Payload Lift: Approx. 20 kilograms
Line-of-sight Distance to Horizon: Approx. 66 kilometers
Set-up Crew: 2

  • Company: SkySentry

  • Type: Aerostats

  • Direct Cost:

  • Indirect Cost: Basing stations, optional payloads and equipment. Training, tools and spares packages, as well as on-call technical support or full-time SkySentry operator crews are options for customers.

  • Link: Product Website

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