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Tethered Aerostat Systems


Raven Aerostar offers several models of customizable tethered aerostat systems that are spread across three categories: tactical aerostat systems, responsive aerostat systems and enduring aerostat systems. Models differ in size, maximum payload capacity and altitude range.

Tactical advantage: Tactical aerostat systems are made for quick inflation and rapid deployment and can carry lightweight payloads. These aerostats are geared towards platform communications, intelligence gathering and surveillance and reconnaissance.

First responder: Responsive aerostat systems are long-duration platforms. These bad boys are ideal for quick-reaction deployments for quick intelligence gathering and reacting.

Forever more: Enduring aerostat systems offer persistent surveillance over a wide area, with deployments ranging from months to years at a time - think long-term strategy and investment with this platform.

Some common features: Quickly inflated and lightweight, each of these blimps can be rapidly deployed in maritime settings. All blimps have the capacity to support a variety of payloads such as cameras, radar systems, communications relays and scientific equipment. They can operate onsite as a turnkey system or they can be integrated with other platforms to form a larger operational network.

Rent or buy?: With altitudes ranging from several hundred to several thousand feet, these tethered aerostat systems can be purchased or leased. Operational support and flight services, which include classroom or on-site training sessions and operational and maintenance training, is an added bonus for both aerostat newbies and veterans alike.

Show off: Raven Aerostar was awarded in 2011 for supplying vital tethered aerostat systems for force protection under Operation Enduring Freedom.

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