The TREC Battery


The thermal recharging or TREC battery is an alternative power source to other battery types, such as lithium batteries, that uses sea temperature changes to keep its charge. The TREC battery lasts significantly longer than its counterpart charging sources, allowing for extended missions out at sea.

How it works: The TREC battery contains substances called phase change materials which alternate between liquid and solid states depending on ocean temperatures. Subsequently, this process allows the battery to continuously harness the energy from the phase changes, creating a clean renewable energy source. The battery can be installed on underwater platforms that require an energy source, such as an autonomous underwater vehicle or cabled hydrophone system.

Keep it green: Beyond the TREC battery's ability to prolong mission length, it also reduces the need for costly, dangerous and environmentally harmful lithium batteries.

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Powered Up for Oceans Protection

How a NASA scientist invented a renewable energy underwater battery that will change our ability to protect our oceans

By Ariella Knight

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