MANU SAN FELIX/Courtesy of National Geographic Society

V-200 Skeldar


The little 'copter that could: The V-200 Skedlar is a compact remotely piloted aerial system that is more cost effective than conventional helicopters used in surveillance missions. It can incorporate a variety of sensors, radars, and cameras to ensure efficient protection and enforcement of marine protected areas. Utilized by both civilian and military counterparts, this UAV is ideal for swift deployment from a variety of atypical locations such as a deck of a ship.

The V-200 is compliant with NATO Standardization Agreement 4586, proving its ability to effectively share information in real time to command control centers.


Length: 4.031 m
Height: 1.3 m
Width: 1.2 m
Speed: 140 km/hr
Endurance: 5 hours
Altitude Capacity: 3000m

  • Company: UMS Skeldar

  • Type: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

  • Direct Cost:

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  • Link: Product Website

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MANU SAN FELIX/Courtesy of National Geographic Society

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