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Various Passive Sonobuoys


Sonobuoy TechSystems offers several different passive sonobuoys with varying ranges and capabilities.
These buoys use hydrophones in order to convert underwater sound into electrical signals - ideal for monitoring sounds in MPAs - which are amplified and frequency modulated for very high frequency (VHF) transmission, which allows the user to interpret the data.

Stealth mode: Most of the sonobuoys available automatically scuttle, or sink, within 8 hours of deployment. These passive sonobuoys can precisely determine a submarine's location, course and speed. This passivity feature allows the buoy to go undetected by the submarines being tracked.

Powered by salt: Each buoy comes equipped with a battery that becomes energized once in contact with the salt water and once this feature is activated, sensors are then released to specified depths.

Keep it safe: These Passive sonobuoys are usually shipped in a Sonobuoy Launch Containers, which is a multipurpose container used for shipping, storage and aircraft launch container or in a gray overpack for pneumatic or free-fall launch.


Depth: 150-300 meters depending on the model
Endurance: Up to 8 hours depending on the model

Several models were manufactured directly for the U.S. Navy.
  • Company: Sonobuoy TechSystems

  • Type: Buoys

  • Direct Cost:

  • Indirect Cost: Option for precision-calibrated hydrophones

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