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VisionMaster FT Naval Radar


The VisionMaster FT Radar series by Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine is designed to enhance maritime navigation and vessel detection. The Vision Master FT Radar is a part of the ARPA radar series, and delivers clear radar images even in adverse weather conditions.

The deets: Able to detect fast moving vessels, Sperry Marine's VisionMaster FT Naval Radar is a viable solution for coastguard, navy and law enforcement personnel tasked to identify and intercept ships suspected of illegal activity. A PC-based system, the radar is compatible with all types, sizes and classes of vessel but is designed with small to medium naval vessels in mind. It is available in a wide range of configurations, including a variety of inter-switchable X-Band and S-Band formats. Further upgrades are available including automatic chart downloads, remote diagnostics, CCTV support, 3D vision sonar terrain and weather routing.

Full support included: Information can be accessed in the operator's manual using the ihelp function that is built into the system. Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine's global service networks also provides global shipboard maintenance and repair services 24 hours a day.


Depends on configurations.

  • Company: Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine

  • Type: Radar Technologies

  • Direct Cost:

  • Indirect Cost: Optional upgrades include vessel compatibility, weather routing and more.

  • Link: Product Website

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