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The Wave Glider by Liquid Robotics is a hybrid wave and solar powered unmanned surface vehicle designed to help protect exclusive economic zones and marine protected areas from illegal fishing as well as to perform environmental science research and monitoring – all while powered only by mother nature.

Tried and true: The Wave Glider has already traveled more than 1 million nautical miles to date, according to Liquid Robotics, and has participated in missions as diverse as arctic water temperature measurement, data harvesting from seabed instruments, and gathering data in the middle of a typhoon.

Bells and whistles: The Wave Glider is largely interoperable with a broader defense system. It can receive and simultaneously process data from acoustic sensors, such as hydrophones, and collect Automatic Identification System data from nearby ships for location and identification information. Additionally, the Wave Glider can mount cameras or video cameras as optical sensors to provide situational awareness.

Stay connected: It can communicate data through an Iridium satellite modem with an option to add a broadband antenna, or through cellular or WiFi communications, as it has a modem for both of those as well.


Length: 2.13 to 3.05 meters
Weight: 150 kilograms
Speed: Up to 3 knots
Range: Unlimited
Endurance: 1 year

Pitcairn Island Marine Sanctuary, United Kingdom, Arctic ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the South China Sea.
  • Company: Liquid Robotics

  • Type: Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV)

  • Direct Cost:

  • Indirect Cost:

  • Link: Product Website

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Gliding to Secure Oceans

How a side project to design an environmentally friendly technology to record the "singing" of Humpback whales turned into a revolution of fuel-free autonomous power on our oceans.

By Ariella Knight

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